Alumni Feature - Rob Fell '00

After the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, alumnus Rob Fell ‘00 and his team at IRIS Factory Automation decided to take action. They quickly joined forces with their partners to help fight the current public health crisis and create face shields to protect those serving on the frontline.
“Let’s flip the script!” says Rob. “We all know this is serious and scary, so let’s do something about it and help the people who don’t have a choice but to face it head on. This is the time to be productive and think of creative ways to get involved.We use this same creative approach in our own business every day, and now we have the chance to use it to protect people which is even better.”
Thanks to the help of Unilever, a transnational consumer goods company, IRIS was able to purchase 12 new 3D printers, in addition to the 10 they currently have. Rob’s team has focused on creating the frames, while their partner, Prismier, uses a technique called water jetting to produce the plastic shield.
“Our goal i…

Alumni Feature - Hannah Zuercher '19

Hannah Zuercher ’19 was a passenger on a NASA airplane as an earth-science research NASA intern, spent part of her undergraduate career researching how to develop hydrogel bandages for burn victims, and served as captain of the swim team her senior year – but she will tell anyone that none of it was possible without the help of others.
“I am beyond grateful for the wonderful mentors, professors, and teammates I had at Lewis. I would not be where I am today without their constant support.”
Hannah says she was nervous coming to a school in a place where she had no immediate family or friends around. She quickly forged her own path and made friends when she joined clubs and activities on campus. She was a reader and greeter for University Ministry and a member of the Student Athlete Bible Study, the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and Lemon Club, a group that raises money for childhood cancer research.
Before graduating with her degree in biology in May 2019, Hannah had the opportun…

Alumni Feature - Brian Sherry '16 '18

Brian Sherry ’16 ’18 goes to work each day as a design and development engineer at Deep Coat Industries in north-suburban Sugar Grove, Illinois. Deep Coat Industries recently developed a new process for metalizing equipment and computer systems. Metallizing is a thermal spray coating process utilized to protect equipment, and humans, from injury. Brian's daily activities at work can run from client management to monitoring 3D printers, to analyzing the chemistry behind the metalizing process.

Brian, who graduated with a bachelor's and a master's degree in chemistry from Lewis, says he spent the majority of his time learning from his mentor, Dr. Jason Keleher, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Chemistry. Brian credits Dr. Keleher’s research lab for challenging him to solve problems faster, work smarter, and understand the importance of meeting a deadline for a project. 
Brian loved his time in Dr. Keleher’s lab so much that he donated $1,000 of his first paycheck…

Alumni Feature - Dawn '12 and Greg '94 Zibricky

Dawn Zibricky ‘12 grew up outside of Quincy, Illinois, more than 300 miles away from the first home she shared with her husband, Greg ‘94 in the Mt. Greenwood neighborhood. She never dreamt that living in Chicago was for her until she made a trip with some friends years ago to Billy Goat Tavern on Lower Wacker Drive in the Loop.
When Dawn arrived, she saw first-hand the homeless that lived on the streets, ailing and begging for money. She witnessed how dire the need was for quality health and human services for the people of the city. What was initially a night out with friends became a moment of higher-calling for Dawn.
She would go on to earn her bachelors and masters' degrees in Nursing, a doctorate in Educational Leadership, and teach at Lewis for some years before taking a position to teach at Elmhurst College. She felt drawn to administer care, heal, and teach others to do the same. Education and health sciences were Dawn's passions, something she used to propel her throu…

Alumni Feature - Sarah Kuczek '18

Sarah Kuczek ’18 career can change the lives of more than a dozen people per day. Some she tells their cancer has returned; if their unborn child is gaining weight; if mom’s body is handling pregnancy well. It is a career that is both exciting and daunting at the same time, but one that she loves.
Sarah is an OBGYN sonographer at Northwestern Medicine Regional Medical Group. She is also qualified to assist with sonohysterogram and endometrial biopsies. She graduated from Lewis with her bachelor's in Diagnostic Medical Sonography with honors in 2018. 

Sarah says sonography blended her love of many things, including people, technology, and anatomy, and allows her to give her patients the help they need – similar to what she experienced herself early on in her life.
“When I was younger, I had an echocardiogram, or ultrasound of the heart. I also had ultrasounds when I was pregnant at 16. That pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage; however, that experience only made my passion for sonogra…

Alumni Feature - Allison Trendle '18

Inmates are humans, too.

That’s the conclusion Allison Trendle ‘18 came to after she spent her years as an undergrad communicating with various inmates, including Debbie* (name changed for anonymity) at Logan Correction Center in downstate Illinois. Allison began correspondence with Debbie through Faith Behind Bars, a course facilitated by Lewis University Professor Dr. Christie Billups. The course explores practicing faithful justice and explores communication with those incarcerated and those affected by crime using a Catholic perspective. Throughout their correspondence, Allison learned that Debbie held deep regret for the crime she committed, and witnessed Debbie’s humanity in the letters she wrote about her family and the day-to-day details of her life, albeit behind bars.
“I started with Faith Behind Bars my sophomore year and it opened up an entirely new world for me. As a society, we are all too willing to cast aside the incarcerated population and think about them as less than …

Alumni Feature - Jared Dayton '08

If Jared Dayton ’08 knows one thing, it’s how to accommodate people and make them feel welcome. It’s actually his specialty as General Manager of The Dossier Hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon; but Jared’s commitment to support and hospitality doesn’t just stop with his guests and clients.
“The best part about my job is my ability to impact every one of my employees’ daily lives as well as shape the future of our guest experience. I am proud to set a culture of employee first and have the power to shape that destiny,” says Jared. “The hotel industry also offers a very unique vibe and company culture because you have a fair amount of entry-level positions and nice growth opportunities. The biggest aspect of the job that reeled me in was the people. When you work with people who are passionate about making guests happy, the environment is engaging and fun. With the right people, the right attitude, and a lot of hard work, you are able to quickly climb the ranks!”
While Jared’s path into …