Alumni Feature - Kristle Lowell '12

UPDATE 11/2018:

Lewis alumna and gymnast Kristle Lowell ’12 recently won a bronze medal for the United States in the World Championships in St. Petersburg Russia! Kristle was competing for Morgan Park sports center under coach Chris Walker where she made the national team for 2018.

“I qualified for the national team in Greensboro, NC, and went to the World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan. I wanted to definitely make the competition team, which is decided there, and I won both of the two verification competitions and made the competitive team! I got to work with a coach while I was there, Chelsea Rainer, and she was incredible.”

For the World Championships, five athletes go but only four compete – so it was a constant competition to prove herself.

“I did the performances of my life going into finals to get into the top eight. It’s extremely difficult to make finals with the current two per country rule. We went to this early-morning training session in Russia, where the World Championshi…

Alumni Feature - Casey Pyne '11

As a transfer student, Casey Pyne ‘11 feared he would never have a full college experience during his two short years at Lewis. Thankfully, the Business Administration major not only got the full Lewis experience he was hoping for, but he also learned skills that would help him in more ways than he ever imagined as he pursued his true passion: golf.

Casey worked hard to soak up as much as he could during his years at Lewis, living by the mantra “Take the hard teachers and push your learning to the next level.” His favorite class was a business class with Fr. Kevin Spiess, one of the “hard” teachers.

“I’d never had a professor that could put you on the spot like Fr. Spiess,” Casey says. “His classes were engaging; he used humor to keep the class alive and it definitely brought the best out of his students. You had to be prepared when you came into his class, it was very intense. If you weren’t ready, he was going to run you over! It was truly an eye-opening experience.” 
While he may n…

Alumni Feature - Tommy Hearden '14

Tommy (Thomas) Hearden ’14 (Marketing) has always been a sports enthusiast and a golf devotee. He grew up around golf courses because of his Dad’s job and always knew he wanted to play in college. During his freshman year, the golf team won their first-ever conference, which brought the team closer together. “I met some of my best friends on that team, who I am lucky to still call my best friends today,” Tommy reflects. Tommy was doing great in golf, but in every sport or even life in general, there are setbacks. Tommy’s was his shoulder injury. While in high school, Tommy tore his labrum in his shoulder.  Instead of getting surgery right away, he did physical therapy and played through the pain. He played two years of golf at Lewis before he decided to have the surgery. “It was the toughest decision I had ever had to make at that point in my life” he says. “I played the entire fall season my junior year and was a solid part of the team. So to make this decision, I felt like I was le…

Alumni Feature - Alex Poole '16

Alexandria Poole ’16 has never been the type of girl who chases after fame and money. Instead, she is dedicating her life to putting the spotlight on others. After all, they say it’s not what you know, but who you know that can make all the difference. It was true for Alex’s journey in the communications field and now she hopes to make it true for others too.

As a mass communications major with a focus in radio and TV broadcasting, Alex’s journey to the big leagues started with her own late-night show with WLRA, the Lewis student radio station. While the station originally featured country music, Alex took a chance and played her own pop music, gaining quite the following while doing so.

In addition to being involved in the communications world, Alex was also a part of the Lewis Women’s Basketball team. Her junior year the Women’s basketball team made it all the way to the Elite 8. Playing in the Elite 8 tournament with her closest friends was by far the highlight of her career at Le…

Alumni Feature - Theresa O'Carroll ('96, '00)

Theresa O’Carroll named Moraine Valley vice president of Financial and Business Services
As Moraine Valley Community College’s new vice president of Financial and Business Services and college treasurer, Theresa O’Carroll is eager to face this change in her career while continuing to help the college remain fiscally strong. When she first arrived on campus in 2000, O’Carroll was the assistant controller. Two years later she became the controller and remained in the position until her recent promotion. O’Carroll earned her undergraduate degree in Accounting and graduate degree in Business Administration from Lewis University before working at Rush University Medical Center in various accounting positions for 21 years.
            As the controller, O’Carroll did mostly detailed work in the background. In her new role, she is more involved in the planning process and working at a more strategic level.
            “I’ll be more involved in conversations about where the college wants to go. I…

Alumni Feature - Greg Petty '15

Many had their doubts about how volleyball would take him anywhere, but with the support of his coaches, professors and friends Greg proved just how vital a role the sport would play in his life.

“It’s been an absolute dream come true,” says Greg. “Dan Friend definitely impacted my life in a big way. He helped me grow as a person and a player. Even though we ran through a rough patch in my younger years at school we are still friends to this day. Now, I am basically getting paid to travel the world and you definitely can’t beat that.”

Following older brother Jay’s footsteps, Greg came to Lewis with two goals in mind: play volleyball and get a degree. Little did he know he would end up doing much more.

Greg Petty grew up in Downers Grove, IL. In 2015 he graduated from Lewis with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physics and a minor in math. As a kid he was a huge sports enthusiast, trying out every sport he could, finally he found his calling with volleyball. Volleyball turned into his ticket…

Alumni Feature - Mary Wurster ('13)

The Valley View School District 365U Board of Education has approved the selection of Ms. Mary Wurster to the position of Executive Director for Student Services.She had previously been VVSD’s Director of Special Education.
Ms. Wurster began serving in VVSD in 2006 as a school psychologist.She began her professional career in 2001 as a mental health professional with Adapt of Illinois. Ms. Wurster collected a wide variety of experiences before coming to VVSD, including serving as a rape crisis counselor, assisting the counseling department at St. Ignatius College Prep, and teaching as a Graduate Assistant at Illinois State University.
Ms. Wurster earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Illinois State University in 2001.She continued her education by earning a Master of Education in School Counseling from Loyola University Chicago in 2003, followed by a Master of Education in Educational Leadership from Lewis University in 2013. - Taken from Valley View Public Schools…