Ariel Delgado '12

As a little girl, Areli Delgado ‘12 was always a bit shy but always had large dreams. However, the shyness went away when she started her studies at Lewis University, and her dreams were within reach. The moment Areli stepped foot on campus for her campus tour, she was immediately attracted to the layout thinking “it wasn’t too big, nor too small - it was just right.”  Delgado was a first-generation student at Lewis University who sought higher education with much excitement. Delgado stated, “It was a huge accomplishment for my family to see me get a bachelor’s degree. My mom was a single parent, and she was obviously overwhelmed seeing her only child get a degree.” Originally from Mexico, Delgado and her mother moved to the United States when she was just a year old. Her heritage always has been a part of her; she participated in LASO, Latin American Student Organization, during her time at Lewis. She credits the confidence she gained in her involvement with LASO and the University’s

Bridget Terrones ’12

  Imagine pulling up to Starbucks, putting in your order and learning that someone surprised you and covered the cost of your order in the drive thru. The question then crosses your mind about if you should pass it on, in hopes that many people continue to do so after you. How many people would that touch? How many days were brightened? How many lives were impacted? For Bridget Terrones ’12, giving back to her alma mater is similar to this exciting concept.     When Bridget (Folliard) Terrones reads the words of the Lewis University Mission, she sees things that are also a part of her own personal mission. It’s those connections that have inspired her to establish an annual scholarship and ignite a change in the lives of future Flyers.   “Just as Lewis seeks to provide to a diverse student population through programs for a professional education, I too desire to support diverse students in their educational pursuits, specifically women. According to the Wall Street Journal , i

Lewis Alumni Feature: Elliott Eiden '18

Growing up, Elliott’s father was a private pilot and aviation enthusiast.  Sharing his passion with Elliott, they would build and fly remote control planes and go to airshows together.  Elliott was exploring careers during high school, and learned about the Lewis University aviation program and was eager for the opportunity to pursue the dreams he had as a young boy.   In 2018, Elliott graduated from Lewis with a double major in Aviation Maintenance Management and Aerospace Technology. He received a minor in Unmanned Aircraft Systems and has his Airframe and Powerplant license. He is also a private pilot. Elliott is currently employed as a mechanic for a private corporate jet.   In 2020, an opportunity presented itself that would take his love of aviation to a new height.   He and his father purchased a privately owned, public use turf airport, which was likely to close like others in the area. Their desire was to save Camp Lake Airport in Salem, Wisconsin and return it to a vibrant sp

Women's History Month: Linda Mitchell '88

Women's History Month: Linda Mitchell '88  After leading a life of service, Linda Mitchell ’88 is taking action to pay it forward to the next generation of leaders at Lewis. “This is an inspiring time for women to be able to stand up and take pride in their accomplishments. It’s an avenue for all women to say, ‘This is worth supporting and I want to share it with the world.’ Women were put down for too many years – unable to show or prove what they were capable of. I am able to give back and should not be discounted. I recognize that I have a powerful voice in this world that can make a difference,” says Linda. Linda was born and raised in a small town in North Dakota. After high school, she traveled a bit before finding her passion for nursing as well as her soulmate, James. After getting married, the two moved to Chicago where Linda kickstarted her nursing career at Christ Hospital. During that time, Linda and James began to build a family. But it wasn’t until after th

Lewis Alumni Feature: Jesse Steward '14

According to the 2019 Annual Business Survey (ABS), approximately 18.3 percent (1.0 million) of all U.S. businesses are minority-owned. Born and raised in Chicago, Jesse Steward Jr. '14, Founder and CEO of Alexander James Straight Bourbon Whiskey, has broken down barriers and pushed the limits to build his legacy as a Black entrepreneur. "I credit the Lasallian standards and morals that are emphasized on campus; integrity and character shape who you are, not only as a person, but also as an entrepreneur." Jesse has fond childhood memories of his grandfathers who would get together for a glass of whiskey, share family stories and talk about history. One day years later, while enjoying a drink with them, Jesse decided that he wanted to make his own whiskey - to continue the tradition of storytelling and share the legacy they had built many years ago. Fast forward to 2017, a few months before his son was born, when he began to solidify plans for this dream. He knew he was

Lewis Alumni Spotlight: Jaylen Bush '21

Black History Month Alumni Spotlight: Jaylen Bush '21 For Jaylen, Black History Month has always been about celebrating the beauties of Black Excellence. Black Excellence is a mindset, and those we highlight this month had, or have, that mindset, according to Jaylen. "Through adversities and tragedies spanning from the darkest days of, not only American history but of our world’s history, Black Americans have fought tirelessly to make all peoples question: 'What kind of country, what kind of world, are we going to be?'" It is Jaylen's hope that we all use this as a time to reflect on ways to, not only celebrate, but also spread beauty and love throughout the world. For him, this is something he is committed to each and every day - especially as he begins his career and paves his own path for excellence. Growing up, Jaylen took part in after-school programs that were sponsored by the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP). This connection led him

Lewis Alumni Feature: William Heiden '84

For Lewis alumnus, Bill Heiden '84 , a Catholic education has been an integral part of his life since grammar school. Growing up, Bill attended St. Christopher Catholic School and Marist High School and eventually went on to earn his bachelor's degree in biology at Lewis. Today, Bill works as a middle school teacher at Annunciation Catholic Academy in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  Both as an educator and Catholic educator, Bill tries to incorporate his real world learning experiences into his classroom. Having worked as a research chemist, for 30 years, alongside people in sales and marketing, he recognizes the importance of blending these experiences into his lessons.  "I always felt my Catholic education and rigor better prepared me for college and career," says Bill. "I felt that I could take on the challenges and expectations of my employers and jobs. At the same time, at Lewis, I was able to be more involved and enjoy the extracurricular activities, because I